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An indoor wok burner is a portable burner that can also work outdoors especially great for camping trips. It is an incredible invention for those who want delicious stir fry anywhere and everywhere.

It works on:

-Butane gas,

-gives a very high output of around 15k BTU,

-is usually made of high-quality aluminum, and

-comes with many safety features like, (a) automatic shut-off, (b) windbreaker, (c) no locking levers, etc.

These portable burners differ in quality as compared to cheap $20 burners and are safer to use inside the home.

Although an indoor wok burner is a great investment when you want the perfect BTU for stir fry, many burners come with faulty ignition switches, low-quality material, leave residual fuel in the can, and hence cost you more money in the long run.

Keeping all that in mind I have made a list of top wok burners for stir fry lovers. I hope, you can make a happy and safe purchase from this list.

Top 3 Portable Wok Burners Safe For Indoors

Is a wok burner Worth it?

Be it indoor or outdoor, a wok burner is always worth it if you like your stir fry perfectly delicious.

As wok cooking is a high heat process, normal burners are not ideal for making the perfect stir fry.

Often on low heat, your food will either turn out to be soggy or boiled. 10000 – 15000 BTU is the ideal heat, for making smoky, crispy, and flavorful stir fry indoors.

And only a wok burner can provide that much BTU. Hence it is a worthy investment.

However, when you have kids in the house, cooking on a high BTU burner inside is risky and will need your constant attention.

That’s why safety should be the first concern while buying such a burner for indoors. Thankfully there are few brands that have given more importance to the safety features of wok burners.


1. The Iwatani 15000 BTU Wok Stove Burner Indoor

This is the best indoor wok burner in the 15k BTU range on the market by Iwatani, and also the highest-rated portable wok burner by users.

I own this burner for a year now. After using it several times, other than the ignition switch I hadn’t encountered any problem. The ignition switch does need cleaning from time to time for better functioning.

This is definitely a great countertop gas wok burner to perfect wok cooking indoors.

Safety is the biggest concern when you are using a wok burner indoors. So, while investing you must ensure that the stove has the essential safety features.

This portable wok burner by Iwatani is packed with many crucial features that will aid in safe wok cooking.

Features of Iwatani 15k Wok burner
1.Heavy duty aluminum body
2.Hard-shell cover
3.High-quality brass single burner
4.Simmer to high heat control dial
5.Easy to use, just push
the butane can & ignite
6.Automatic shut off
when get overheated
7.Automatic ignition switch
9.Made in Japan

Why this Portable Butane Burner is a safer choice?

Iwatani wok burner has an automatic shut-off switch in case things get too much hot. This helps resist sudden accidents.

This natural gas wok burner is made with heavy-duty aluminum which is durable and rust-proof.

Overall it has all the essential features like windbreakers, push, and use features for butane gas canisters. It also has an advanced heating panel to completely empty down the gas canister leaving no residue. Additionally, it comes with a one-year warranty on all defective parts.

I have looked and there is not a single wok burner for indoors that comes with such great built quality and features. Hence it is a bit on the heavier side, around 4.4 pounds.

If you are not carrying this on long camping trips then it will not be a problem. The carry case is also hard and sturdy. Not like the ones that come with cheap $30 gas wok burners.

You will not regret picking this wok burner for indoors.

2. Chef Master 10000 BTU Burner Butane Portable Stove

chef master best indoor wok burner portable butane 15000 btu stove
1.Rust-proof aluminum body
2.Hard-shell cover
3.High-quality brass single burner
4.Simmer to high heat control dial
5.Easy to use, just push
the butane can & ignite
6.Automatic shut off
when get overheated
7.Automatic ignition switch
9.Comes with 4 fuel canisters

Chef Master has done a great job with this 10000 BTU wok burner which definitely is a good pick for your stir fry needs.

But if you ask me what difference it has from the Iwatani 15K BTU other than lower heat output, it is the built quality. Iwatani comes with a very superior quality aluminum-made body.

Chef Master comes with a medium-built body, which is definitely sturdy. Within this price range, this portable wok burner is more than just perfect. And it is the best indoor wok burner with 10k BTU with highly rated reviews by the customers.

It comes with all of the essential features like an automatic ignition switch, windbreakers, push-and-use feature for Butane can, simmer to boil dial, automatic shut off while overheated, etc. It has a weight of 4.25 pounds and comes with a hard shell and is meant for both indoor and outdoor cooking.

Use it while keeping your AC ON:

High heat cooking comes with a lot of sweat. It stresses our cooking routines. What if you can keep your cooling system on and yet cook in this 10000 BTU wok burner? To protect the flame of the Butane Burner it has a wind guard.

However, I don’t recommend keeping your windows shut while cooking on blistering heat. Always use the indoor wok burner in a well-ventilated area to maximize your safety levels.

Portable Sturdy Carrying Case:

This is a portable butane burner, but to make this even more potable, the manufacturer provides a hard-shell carrying case to take with you on any hiking trip. When you are not using the wok burner you can keep it in the storage packed in this durable case and the stove will stay in good health.

3. Chef Master 15000 BTU Single Wok Burner Portable Stove

best wok burner for indoor with case
Features of CHEF MASTER 15K Indoor Wok burner
1. Piezoelectric ignition
3.wind blocker
4.In-Line Regulator
5.adjustable heat output setting
6.Automatic shut off
when get overheated
7.hardshell carrying case
for easy portability
8.heat ranging from simmer to boil
9.compact size for carrying

This portable indoor wok burner has no difference from the 10k BTU model I listed from Chef Master but customers tend to love the 10k variant much better than this 15k unit because of the ignition switch that sometimes stops working.

Other than that, this is a perfectly fine and safe-to-use model for wok cooking the perfect stir fry on high heat. If you want a 15k portable Butane gas burner at an affordable price this is the one to go for.

It has all the essential features like Piezoelectric ignition, adjustable heat output setting, In-Line Regulator with Pressure-Sensing Shut-Off, wind blocker, hardshell carrying case for easy portability, and heat ranging from simmer to boil, compact size for carrying in a hiking backpack or to keep on a counter, etc.

4. Iwatani Cassette 12000 BTU Best Indoor Wok Burner

Features of Iwatani 12K Portable Wok burner
1.automatic ignition
3.wind blocker
4.high-quality alloy steel body
5.adjustable heat output setting
6.Automatic shut off
when get overheated
7.hardshell carrying case
for easy portability
8.heat ranging from simmer to boil
9.easy to clean
10.durable stainless steel drip pan

With high heat cooking durability of the gas stove is often a concern. This Iwatani 12k BTU wok burner is very sturdy and should get many years of use if you take proper care.

The stove lights up very fast because of the electric ignition technique. The pot stands are very stable hence best for wok cooking.

The stainless steel drip pan is rust-proof, long-lasting, and easy to clean. Also, you can remove the entire top section to clean after every messy cooking.

Clean all the food splatter and grease either in the dishwasher or by hand. Overall it is very convenient.

It also has pressure-sensing shut-off technology. It can automatically detect a sudden change in pressure and then shut off the flow to avoid accidents.

It also comes with a windbreaker which means it will protect the fire from breeze and AC. Iwatani gas burner is made in Japan and comes with a hard box for easy portability.

5. Gas ONE 15k BTU Portable Dual Fuel Propane or Butane Stove

Features of GasOne 15K Dual Fuel burner
1.Dual fuel
2.Operates on a single butane cartridge 8 oz
3.enamel drip pan, heat resistant
4.high-quality brass body
5.adjustable heat output setting
6.Automatic shut off
when get overheated
7.hardshell carrying case
for easy portability
8.heat ranging from simmer to boil
9.easy to clean

Gas One is a leading manufacturer of portable outdoor burners, and they strongly mention in their products that this burner is not for indoor use. However, you can use this burner indoors too if you are following the safety standards.

Many home cooks use Gas one burners in a well-ventilated indoor kitchen. So don’t get confused by the labels in their products.

With UL and CSA certification, Gas One provides high-quality and safe products at competitive prices for the U. S. market, and this 15k BTU burner is not an alternative. 15K is the perfect BTU for cooking delicious stir fry. This burner is compatible with Butane and Propane.

Multitasker Wok Burner

It is unsafe too. So a disadvantage of this wok burner is that you cannot use a large wok over it. Doing so would overheat the cylinder and it may explode. However here is the catch as this is a dual fuel unit, you can use the hose to fit in a propane cylinder and use a large wok while keeping the heat concentrated in the bottom.

Safety Features

It comes with a pressure sensing shut-off that makes it safe to use if any pressure surges occur. Windbreaker is also there. The portable case is highly durable and overall the burner is ideal for long-lasting use.


1. Can you use a wok burner inside?

Wok burners are high output gas ranges. Clearly, if you use a wok burner inside, it is a risky affair. But if you really need to use it indoors then please follow safety procedures like well ventilation, keeping a fire extinguisher handy, keeping your kids and elders at a distance from the gas, and a good quality indoor wok burner with automatic shut-off technology, so that when it senses pressure changes or overheating it quickly switch off the gas. Given you are following all the mentioned protocols and safety standards, you can use a wok burner indoors.

2. Do you need a special burner for a wok?

Wok cooking needs to be done on very high heat. An outdoor wok burner can produce up to 200k BTU and for an indoor wok burner 10k to 15k BTU heat is safe to use. A regular gas range can produce up to 7k BTU. Clearly, to cook the perfect stir fry, you need a dedicated wok burner for your wok cooking.

3. What kind of burner do you need for a wok?

You need a wok burner that produces at least 100k BTU – 150K BTU heat. If you want to use a wok burner indoors, then 10k BTU – 15K BTU should be the safe choice. Other than that you need a burner that works on butane gas or propane gas, is usually made of high-quality aluminum, and comes with many safety features like automatic shut off, windbreaker, no locking levers, etc. Iwatani offers the best indoor wok burner.

4. How much BTU do you need for a wok?

You need around 100k-150k BTU for cooking the perfect stir fry on wok if cooking outside. But inside the kitchen stick between 10k-15k BTU. On low heat, that our normal gas range produces, your stir fry will turn out to be soggy and boiled. That’s why you need a good wok burner to do the job.

5. What are Portable wok burners?

Portable wok burners are around 4 pounds in weight and come with a single gas burner with a high heat output of around 10k – 15k BTU, a carrying case, several safety features, easy to use and clean heavy-duty body, a drip pan, windbreakers, automatic ignition switch, etc. These wok burners can be carried on a backpacking trip or used on a kitchen countertop for making delicious wok stir fry.

6. Are Wok Burners Safe?

As compared to a cheap $20 model, a good quality wok burner from a reputed brand comes with several safety features. No wok burner is completely safe but if you are following the security procedures and using a wok burner that is manufactured with the latest safety standards, you are good.

7. What is a dual wok burner?

A dual fuel wok burner can be used with a butane gas canister or you can use the hose to fit in a propane cylinder. This feature makes the wok burner a multitasker.

8. How hot are indoor wok burners?

It depends on how much BTU wok burner you are purchasing. The higher the BTU the hotter it will get. Our regular gas range produces 7k BTU whereas an outdoor wok burner can produce up to 200K BTU.

9. What is the widest wok pan that can be used with an indoor wok burner?

Indoor wok burners can fit up to an 11-inch pan. In some small wok burners, 9-inch diameter is the limit. Make sure your pan is not touching the gas canister, otherwise it can blast. To use bigger pans, pick a duel fuel wok burner. In that case, the pan will not touch the gas can as you will be able to attach the burner with a propane cylinder.

10. Can you hook up an indoor wok burner with a regular propane tank?

Yes, you can hook up an indoor wok burner with a regular propane tank given the gas burner is a duel fuel range. If the manufacturer is stating it as both a Butane and Propane gas burner, there is no problem in attaching it with a propane tank.

11. On average how long does the canister of butane last with an indoor wok burner?

If you are using the wok burner in the highest heat dial and the highest output of the burner is 15k BTU then the canister of Butane will last you up to 3hrs.

12. Are indoor wok burners come with a warranty?

Not all brand offers a warranty. You can check the manual of your indoor wok burner for that or contact the seller. But usually defective parts are covered for one year.

13. Does the indoor wok burner perform well in low-temperature settings?

Although indoor wok burners are not meant for simmering but rather for high heat cooking. You can simmer for low-temperature cooking. But it will not give the best performance.

14. How much weight can the indoor wok burners take?

It depends on the quality of the wok burner and the materials used to manufacture it. The best indoor wok burner sold by Iwatani has a very sturdy aluminum body hence compared to a cheap burner it will definitely take heavyweights. For exact details please contact the respective seller.