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How To Pick The Best Wok Spatula For Carbon Steel Wok?

When you purchase a carbon steel wok, you will also want to buy wok spatulas. A wok spatula is a culinary instrument used to remove food from a pan, stir it, and even garnish cakes. Wok spatulas are currently constructed of various materials, owing to their many purposes. To prevent making mistakes while using a wok spatula, it’s best to figure out what kind of spatula you’ll be using before you start cooking. 

Carbon Steel Wok Friendly Spatulas

Choosing the finest wok spatula is critical if you want to make your cuisine fast and effortlessly. The material determines the spatula you can use in specific ways. Choose a spatula that matches the material of your wok. If you’re using hand-hammered carbon steel wok, or nonstick coated carbon steel you shouldn’t use an iron spatula. A wooden spatula or a bamboo spatula is the best option for this case.

A wood spatula is a flexible and lightweight material that won’t harm carbon steel wok. Remember that a wooden spatula requires washing by hand and can become discolored over time. Bamboo is another popular choice because of its sturdiness, price, heat resistance, and the fact that it is a more environmentally friendly alternative. Because they’re dishwasher-safe, silicone wok spatulas are among the simplest to keep clean. They’re also heat-resistant like wood, but bear in mind that this substance isn’t as robust as wood, so scraping food from a carbon steel wok may require a little more work. 

When selecting a wok spatula, also keep the following factors in mind:

  • While cooking, make sure the spatula’s handle is wrapped with a thick rubber substance to prevent heat dispersion.
  • Choose a spatula that is simple to clean after each use.
  • Select the appropriate spatula, which may have a variety of uses.
  • One crucial criteria to consider is the spatula’s length. Choose a size that corresponds to the size of your wok and available cooking area.

Top-Rated Wok Spatulas Safe For Carbon Steel Woks

Here are some of the top wok spatulas for carbon steel woks, all of which have excellent Amazon ratings.

BYBYCD Wood Spatula

The BYBYCD Wood Spatula is made of wood and is already well-known for its endurance. Wooden spatulas are much more lasting than other spatulas because wood is solid, making them less likely to shatter. Also, because wood does not carry heat, this spatula will be highly safe and comfortable to use when mixing food. It will burn your hands even when the temperature rises, especially when using a carbon steel wok. This hardwood wok spatula features a 15-inch long handle for comfortable stirring in a wok, and it won’t damage your carbon steel wok. The handle features a handy hole for hanging. Take care to hand-wash this spatula and treat it with mineral oil to maintain it in excellent condition.


  • Lightweight yet powerful
  • Does not scratch surfaces
  • Fantastic gift idea for the cook
  • Designed to protect from burns and heat
  • Constructed from high-quality wood


  • Requires regular maintenance and seasoning

Joyce Chen Bamboo Spatula (Burnished)

Essentially, the bamboo spatula is similar to a wooden spatula, and you can use it for any wok. If you like a lightweight spatula, Joyce Chen’s finest bamboo wok spatula is the one for you. It is a bamboo wok spatula with an angled end that performs well for stir-frying and is quite robust and comfortable to use. The 15-inch spatula should be hand-washed, and you can store it by hanging it from the hole present at the handle’s end. This spatula is also the most cost-effective on the list. It’s also extremely safe to use because it doesn’t become hot and burn your hands. However, you must clean it well after each usage because any residual food may adhere to the spatula.


  • No utilisation of stain or paint
  • Made of good-quality bamboo
  • Won’t scratch non-stick and carbon steel cookware
  • Heat and steam damage resistant
  • Dishwasher-friendly


  • Requires thorough cleaning after each use

Silicone Wok Spatula by LOVOE

Silicone spatulas are much more heat resistant and can withstand temperatures as high as 315 degrees Celsius. Another dishwasher-safe choice is this silicone wok spatula, which has a broad silicone end that can withstand high heat and a stainless steel handle for added stability. A loop on the end of the ergonomically constructed handle allows you to hang it when not in use. The overall length of this pick is 14 inches, which is a little shorter than most others. Most homeowners choose to buy is this silicone spatula since it resembles a wooden spatula. Many people favor this spatula since it’s soft, flexible, and non-sticky, which means it won’t scratch the carbon steel wok’s surface. This silicone spatula comes in a stylish black and silver color scheme that piques your cooking interest.


  • Exceptional quality
  • Tough and long-lasting
  • Doesn’t leave a scuff mark on the surface
  • Withstands heat
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Simple to clean
  • Superior toughness and adaptability


  • Takes time to scrape food

Wooden Spatula by FAAY

FAAY products are 100 percent natural and non-toxic, and they will undoubtedly meet your culinary expectations. With a length of 13.5 inches, it’s ideal for preparing modest meals at home and is carbon steel wok-friendly. The spatula is made of environmentally safe teak wood and will not twist or break easily during cooking.

Furthermore, the design is highly ergonomic, so you won’t have any hand cramps or arm stress when cooking. Working with the wok will be a breeze because of the softwood and smooth patterns. In the end, you’ll be delighted with this new addition to your cooking arsenal.


  • Healthy and environmentally friendly
  • Resistant to heat and moisture
  • Handcrafted by local artisans
  • Simple to maintain
  • Does not harm carbon steel woks


  • Requires proper cleaning


Finally, these were some of the market’s best wok spatulas for carbon steel woks. If you don’t want to spend cash on a spatula, you may create your own out of wood. Choosing the correct spatula, on the other hand, will make wok cooking more accessible and safer. Choose one from the list above and take your cooking skills to the next level.