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Top 13 Wok Accessories You Must Know About

If you are a proud owner of a wok, then it’s time to extend the functionality of your wok with the best wok accessories. We have discussed here the top 13 types of accessories for your wok cooking and how to use them properly with recommended products.

With the sole idea of making the process of wok cooking as easy and convenient as possible, there are varieties of accessories that go along with a wok. As time passed by, woks started to evolve, along with the accessories revolving around them.

best wok accessories

Using the right accessory ensures that you get an exquisite cooking experience and that too in a very fun way.

Top 13 Accessories For a Wok and the Best Picks

1) Wok Ring  

Wok rings, also commonly referred to as the wok stand, are nothing but metal rings. These are heavily used to keep the round-bottom woks in place while cooking it over a grill or stove. You can find wok rings in varieties of sizes and different materials.

According to the approach of cooking, wok rings can be very resourceful in concentrating the heat in one place hence it is one of the best wok accessories to have. Some of the most commonly used wok ring types include:  

Wire Wok Rings 

We love wire woks because of their versatile nature. Although they can be found in different sizes, wire wok rings are specifically designed for small woks. Further including, wire wok rings can also be used to actually hold serving platters and even dinner plates. So, it is a worthy inclusion in your kitchen. This wire wok is constructed from high quality rust-proof stainless steel.

Steel Wok Rings 

You can practically find steel wok rings in every other corner of the market. These are the most popular wok rings. Made out of steel ensures that they can easily trap the heat in one place. This steel wok ring is one of the most favorites of wok owners.

Cast Iron Wok Rings 

Cast iron rings are actually a replacement for your burners. It can be used to provide that extra layer of stability for your wok.  

2) Wok Spatula 

Wok spatulas are the most required accessory to have with a wok. You can find wok spatula in a variety of materials. Some of the most widely used spatulas out there in the market are actually made out of wood, metals, or even silicon.

Although for traditional Chinese cooking recipes, a metal spatula is mostly recommended. If you’re using a non-stick wok, it is always advised to use either a wooden or silicone spatula. This won’t damage the non-stick layer of the spatula.

That being said, for deep woks, make sure to use a spatula with a longer handle. Lastly, you can also find wok spatula that is made out of scratch-resistant materials.  

StarPack Premium Silicone Heat Resistant Spatula is the best and universal spatula that you can use with almost any type of wok.

3) Wok Ladle 

Wok ladles are more or less the same as the wok spatula. The only difference you can find is their mode of application. While the groove-shaped wok ladle is mainly used to scoop food out of the wok, spatulas are mainly used for stir-frying.

The curved shape of the wok ladle makes sure that it goes all the way down to a round-bottomed wok. The common material used for the wok ladle is stainless steel, with a wooden handle for better heat insulation.  

Oxo Good grips manufactures the best wok ladles on the market which are durable and made of quality stainless steel. The below wok ladle from Oxo is the best selling one.

4) Wok Cover or Lid 

If you want to take your wok cooking, beyond the limits of stir-frying, a wok cover or lid is just the one to go for. You can find lids with all the standard wok sizes.

As the name suggests, the sole idea behind a wok cover or lid is to trap the moisture and heat inside the wok. This, in turn, results in a very tender and soft food.

Some of the most common reasons for which you can use a wok lid include shimmering soups, smoking meat, and even braising or steaming seafood.

In fact, a wok cover lets you use a variety of different cooking techniques with your wok. Wokware always recommends their readers to buy a wok with a durable lid. Read 5 types of wok lids and which is the best one for your wok pan?

does a wok need a lid and 5 types of wok lids

5) Wok Skimmer Spoon 

The wok skimmer spoons are the best if you are using your wok for deep frying. The porous surface of the spoon ensures that no extra oil is left behind while taking your deep-fried snack of the wok. Generally, you can find wok skimmer spoons made out of stainless steel. This ensures better durability as well as great longevity.  

We recommend the below skimmer spoon.

6) Wok Strainer 

Strainers are one of the best accessories for wok which can help you along the way of deep-frying. One of its most common usages is to remove burnt fine food bits and particles that can actually ruin your oil. On the other hand, it can also be used to decant the oil while you are opting to reuse the same. Wok strainers are also helpful while straining your broth or stock, along with removing all the batter particles within.  Take a look at this sturdy wok strainer set.

7) Wok Bamboo Brush or Cleaning Whisk 

The wok bamboo brush or the cleaning whisk is one of the most useful accessories that get along with your wok. The majority of the brushes you can find out there in the market are inexpensive and easily accessible.

Coming back to their purpose, you can practically use them to clean your wok inside out without giving a second thought to it. There are also other cleaning whisks that are used to clean all of your vegetables and green ingredients while removing these pesticides and other chemicals from the surface. In fact, it is one of those items that you don’t mind having a few lying around in the house.  Here is a great wok brush from Town Service.

Wok Pan accessory guide

8) Wok Chopsticks 

There is no point in arguing that chopsticks are the ultimate wok accessory you can possibly think of. Starting from picking up single rice to even an entire chicken, you can actually pick up almost everything with a chopstick.

Wok chopsticks are made out of a variety of materials. The use of chopsticks with a wok ensures that you get the perfect cooking experience while being able to mix the ingredients individually inside the wok. Chopsticks can also be used to cater to individual ingredients within the wok. 

We recommend – Bamber 16.5 Inches Extra Long Wood Chopsticks Set


9) Wok Steamer Rack (Wired) 

As stated earlier, when it comes to the wok, it is not only constrained to stir frying. On the contrary, you can actually find several delicious dishes where steaming is involved.

For example, steamed fish, shumai, and steamed buns are some of the few names that come right into our minds. One of the biggest advantages of having a wok stream rack is that it can actually go deep, at the bottom of your wok while holding up your delicious heatproof dishes. 

Turbokey Dia Multi-Purpose Cross Wire Rack is the best steam rack for any type of wok and many more cooking utensils. This is according to us the best wok accessory to maximize its functionality.

10) Wok Steamer Insert  

Wok steamer insert offers one of the most efficient ways to steam your food using water vapor. In fact, steamer inserts are the sole reasons why Chinese dumplings are so tasty in the first place. They can help you to keep the food fluffy outside, still retaining the aromatic flavor inside the food. If you are looking for a high-quality steamer, make sure to go for the stainless steel one like this from Oxo good Grips for ultimate durability.  

11) Wok Steamer Basket 

The wok steamer basket, as the name suggests, is actually a basket that is used to hold the food over the steaming water. It is the steam that cooks the food. You can find two kinds of steamer baskets out there in the market.

While one is made out of bamboo, the other one is a metal basket. The bamboo baskets are basically made out of tightly-woven bamboo strips. This is one of the reasons that makes bamboo a better option than its metal counterpart.

The bamboo basket is also able to trap the moisture inside while allowing the streams to circulate freely. On the contrary, if you are using any metal basket, you can still bring forth the same bamboo-like cooking experience, but wrapping a towel outside the basket. 

Get this bamboo basket from Birdrock. They make quality products.

12) Tongs for Woks

If you ever wondered how you are going to lift a hot plate from the steamer, without getting burned within such tight quarters, then this is just the right accessory for you.

Tongs can really come in handy, especially if you are using small utensils such as plates and dishes far too often. Tongs are generally made out of stainless steel along with a plastic handle.

While the stainless steel offers a better grip on hot objects, the plastic at the handle makes sure that the heat remains insulated. So, if you are someone who is more accustomed to using a steamer, then a tong is a must-have for your kitchen. 

We recommend the Oxo good grips tongs for our readers. It has earned 2000+ 5 star ratings from customers.

13) Deep Fry Thermometers 

A deep-frying thermometer is the best wok accessory for all the food enthusiasts who want to dig deeper into the technicality of preparing the food.

Generally, a thermometer is used for deep frying to ensure that you are cooking at the right temperature. There is a reason why we have picked up the thermometer at the end of our list.

Having a thermometer is not a necessity but rather a convenience. Either way, once you start using the thermometer, you can easily understand its ease of use. 

We recommend the KT THERMO Deep Fry Thermometer With Instant Read.