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I was searching for a round bottom wok on the market for my outdoor burner and my indoor gas stove. It turns out, the market is filled with round bottom carbon steel and cast iron-made woks. But there is no good quality aluminum or stainless steel wok having a round bottom. So, our choice is limited to carbon steel and cast iron round bottom woks.

The best round bottom wok to buy

However, that is not an issue because carbon steel and cast iron woks bring out the authentic wok-hei flavor in stir fry better than stainless steel and aluminum woks. Also, these metals are the most traditional ones. But not every carbon steel and cast iron wok on the market is a worthy investment.

Durability is a huge concern. Mostly the handles, in the long run, do not last. And for wok cooking, tossing is something you might want to try to ensure even cooking. Even if you are messy at tossing and want to avoid it, long handles are prerequisites for beginner wok cookers to control the cooking process better.

So handles in a wok are crucial assets. Being a chef I have learned to avoid loop handles or Cantonese-style woks because long handles are the best in aiding the continuous tossing and turning of food. Also, I consider a wok as an investment. So here in this article, I have discussed crucial tips related to buying a good quality round bottom wok and listed top 10 round bottom woks on the market.

buying the best round bottom wok for stir frying

The best round bottom wok must have –

✅ authentic material (lesser impurities),

✅ best shape (high depth, steep walls, durable construction),

✅ comfortable handles (trust me this is very important in the long run),

✅ balanced body to distribute heat easily and evenly (makes handling and cooking easy),

✅ and smooth surface without manufacturing defects let your food glide in the middle of the wok, and create that ‘wok-hei’ or smoky effect.

Why prefer a round bottom wok?

First and foremost, woks were traditionally round bottomed. Also, this is the perfect shape to make tastier stir-fries. This is mainly because of better heat concentration with the round-shaped bottom as compared to that of a flat one. The circular shape also makes it easier for the ingredients to be tossed and cooked properly in the wok.  The best round bottom wok will not warp on high heat. Spatulas and wok ladles can be readily used on round-bottom woks. Neither less to say, the majority of the wok accessories work better with round-bottom. 

Cast Iron Vs Carbon Steel Round Bottom Wok

Cast iron round bottom woks are very slow to heat up evenly. Whereas carbon steel round bottom wok gets hot in a jiffy. Cast iron is better at heat retention, which means when it gets hot, it holds the temperature for a long period even after the stove is off. Whereas carbon steel is not good at retaining heat like cast iron.

Stir frying is a high-heat cooking technique. So, the metal that provides faster heating, i.e.; carbon steel is a good pick. Also, if you don’t have a wok burner then a carbon steel round bottom wok is the apt material for your gas stove.

Compared to wok burners, stoves do not produce much BTU hence carbon steel will make your stir fry perfect even on low heat. If you have a wok burner, still carbon steel is better than cast iron. Cast iron is heavy and harder to maintain.

I have reviewed the top 10 round bottom woks on the market based on their built quality, price range, durability, ease of use, and maintenance.

What is the Best Round Bottom Wok?

There are a handful of great round bottom woks on the market. But I found the Craft Wok Traditional Carbon Steel Pow Wok to be the best. It is durable, well balanced, has sturdy handles, and lightweight. The round bottom is smooth hence distributes heat evenly.

Top 10 Round Bottom Woks on the Market

1. Craft Wok Review 14 inch Traditional Carbon Steel Pow Wok 

Craft wok hand hammered carbon steel top round bottom wok review
craft wok carbon steel made best round bottom hand hammered wok review
Material Carbon Steel 
Handle Type Mandarin Handle 
Coating Uncoated
Dimensions 22.52 x 14.02 x 5.98 inches
Additional Features  scratch-resistant

Craft woks are popular for their built quality, balanced body, good gripping handles and lighweight engineering for beginner chefs as well as for experts.

This particular wok from Craft wok is made out of 15-gauge, commercial-grade carbon steel. Completely hand-hammered, this wok literally cries out quality. It is very sturdy and perfect for high heat cooking. 


✅ The design of this Craft wok has been inspired by the traditional Chinese stir fry pan; hence you will get the authentic wok cooking experience.

✅ It is the best round bottom wok for stir fry, especially if you are looking out for a sustainable cooking tool or value for your investment. 

✅ In fact, the company is generous enough to actually provide a manual for the easiest seasoning process.

✅ There is also dedicated customer support from Craft wok to make sure that you get the most out of your wok pan. Coming from a Chinese origin, this particular hand-hammered pan has been one of the preferred options for Chinese chefs.   

✅ Coming to its design, the wooden stick, along with the helper handle, makes sure that you remain safe during the entire cooking process.

✅ The handle can also come handy by hanging the wok for storage. And needless to mention, the occasional tossing of food during making stir-fry becomes easier with a long handle. 

2. Best Cast Iron Round Bottom Pow Wok by HOUSHIYU-521

Material Cast Iron
Handle Type Commercial grade cast iron
Coating No coating.  
Dimensions 12, 13, and 14 inch
Additional Features Hand-hammered by professionals
authentic material, chemical-free 

HOUSHIYU offers the most authentic and traditional round bottom cast iron wok suitable for gas hobs. These woks are available in different sizes and made from pure cast iron through hand punching technique.


✅Hand-punching is a natural and traditional way of crafting a wok. This process ensures an entire wok without any joints. Joints tend to loose and wok becomes wobbly after few usages. But with this wok you are getting one solid construction.

✅The brand has a very friendly customer service and always available to answer your queries regarding their woks. The wok comes in a safe packaging and no chemical coating is added.

✅It is a pure and authentic cast iron wok with round bottom, perfect for beginners and experts.

✅ The handle is commercial grade and very effortless to carry this wok around.

The only con is that the wok is heavier than carbon steel woks. So, if you like light woks don’t buy a cast iron wok rather go for carbon steel.

3. Best Round Bottom Wok: Mammafong Authentic Hand Hammered Wok 

Mammafong top round bottom wok hand hammered carbon steel
best round bottom wok mammafong hand hammered carbon steel
Material Carbon Steel 
Handle Type Mandarin Handle 
Coating PFOA Free Coating 
Dimensions 22.5 x 14 x 5.98 
Additional Features The wooden handle provides
an extra grip,
comes pre-seasoned
with 100% vegetable oil 

Mammafong should be your go-to wok manufacturer whenever you need a durable wok. Be it round or flat the hand-hammered woks are extremely sturdy. However, when you are planning to have a well-balanced wok to cook on your high flaming burner or a wok that heats up evenly on the medium flame of your gas oven this is the best round bottom wok to have.


✅ This particular 14-inch Mammafong wok is among the top hand hammered carbon steel woks on the market right now which is specially designed to withstand high commercial cooking routines.

✅ Clearly, for your home kitchen or for outdoor wok cooking, this is the perfect partner. I am using this wok with my GasOne 200k BTU Square Heavy- Duty Single Burner for several months now. My wok-hei is turning out to be tastier like restaurants just because of the perfect burner.

✅ The wok consists of a very sleek design along with a very smooth surface. Further including, you won’t find any Teflon used for its coating. It is completely PFOA free. As for its inner and outer surface, both of them are non-stick.

✅ With continuous cooking, the wok becomes naturally seasoned. That is what makes it the best round bottom carbon steel wok with less maintenance.

✅ It is heavily built and can provide you with a long-lasting impression for even commercial cooking. The mandarin handles are suitable for longer usage without compromising the user’s safety.  

✅ While the carbon steel is well suited for better heat distribution, the wooden handle completely insulates the heat. As for cleaning is concerned, I will always recommend you to handwash it. But, at the same time, you can also use a dishwasher to clean the wok.  

4. Chef’s Medal 14 inch Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok 

Material Carbon Steel 
Handle Type Bamboo and Steel Helper Handle 
Coating No coating.  
Dimensions 22.5* 14* 6 inches  
Additional Features Hand-hammered by professionals
Guarantee replacement.  

This is the best-rated round bottom wok from Chef’s Medal. It is traditionally hand hammered from 1.8mm thick commercial quality carbon steel and ideal for high heat commercial cooking routines. The tough built ensures durability. The long wooden handle is comfortable and suitable for beginners who don’t know how to handle a wok.


✅ The wok has a bamboo handle on one side that makes it easier to use. I love the fact that the handle comes with a hole. I always wanted to hang and showcase my woks.

✅ On the other side is a steel loop handle. This makes lifting and moving the wok easier. 

✅ The wok comes unseasoned. Therefore, seasoning is a must before using it for cooking. The wok can last for a lifetime if cared for properly with regular seasoning. There is no coating on the wok and is completely chemical-free.  

✅ The shape of the bottom is a perfect round that encourages even heating throughout the wok. It can be used for sautéing, stirring, boiling, steaming, stewing, etc. 

5. Yosukata 14 inch Pre- Seasoned Carbon Steel Best Round Bottom Wok Pan 

Material Heavy duty carbon steel.  
Handle Type Mandarin Handle  
Coating Uncoated 
Dimensions 14 inches 
Additional Features Rust resistant.  
The whole wok heats evenly.  
Perfect round shape.  

Yosukata manufactures some of the best carbon steel made round bottom woks. This Pre- Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok Pan is a great pick if you hate the initial seasoning of a wok. The process involves a lot of tasks and this wok already comes pre-seasoned. Hence, you can start cooking immediately.


✅ The design of the wok is modern and eye-catchy. The wok is made of black steel which makes the complete look extremely classy.  This is the best round bottom wok for families who love frequent stir fry in their meal.

✅ There are two different kinds of handles on both sides. On one side there is a wooden fixed handle that eliminates the chances of burning the hands. On the other side is a loop handle which makes the whole wok easier to move.  

✅ The wok comes with a pre-seasoning. This 14 inches pow is strong and lightweight. The wok comes with an even heat distribution quality which makes the food tastier and easy to cook.  

6. Joyce Chen J20-1140 14 inch Cast Iron Wok 

Best Round Bottom Wok
Material Cast iron
Handle Type Wooden loop handle on one side,
wooden spool handle on the other side.  
Coating Lacquer layer. Remove before use. 
Dimensions 23* 14* 5.5 inches 
Additional Features Traditional in terms of looks.  
Comfortable to move and lift.  
Warranty if asked for.  

Check out: Is Joyce Chen Wok Worth it? – A Chef’s Review

We all know Joyce Chen is a very popular brand that manufactures some of the best round bottom woks. This Joyce Chen J20-1140 Wok is a traditional wok made of cast iron. The premium cast iron used in manufacturing this wok ensures that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the surface of the wok.  


✅ There are two different kinds of wooden handles on both sides of the wok. This makes it comfortable to move and lift the wok. Apart from that, there is a loop at the end of the spool handle. This solves the problem of hanging it.  

✅ There is a coating of lacquer. It needs to be removed before using it. The wok does not come seasoned. Hence, seasoning it before cooking is a must.  

✅The wok is well balanced and lightweight.

✅ The price of the wok is comparatively lower. However, cast iron wok comes with its own cleaning and maintaining baggage. I will highly recommend to always hand wash a cast iron wok. Although the wok is dishwasher safe.

7. Taylor & Ng Classic 12146 14 inch Round Bottom Wok Set 

Material Carbon Steel  
Handle Type Wooden loop handle on one side,
wooden spool handle on other. 
Coating Uncoated.  
Dimensions 14* 14* 4.7 inches 
Additional Features Comes with a lid.  Nonstick.  

The Taylor & Ng Classic 12146 Wok Set comes with an extremely classy look. There are two kinds of wooden handles on both sides which makes it extremely easy to handle. The wok comes with a transparent lid that ensures that the heat is sealed when cooking.  The material is carbon steel which makes the whole set extremely durable. It is best to wash the wok immediately after use with hands and not use the dishwasher. 

8. MV Trading 12 inches Carbon Steel Wok with Helper Handle 

Material Heavy gauge carbon steel 
Handle Type Wooden loop handle on one side,
wooden spool handle on other.  
Coating Uncoated.  
Dimensions 12 Inches – 16 inches 
Additional Features Comfortable to use.  
Even heating and cooling.  

The 12 inches Carbon Steel Wok with Helper Handle is the best round bottom wok made in the USA. This product caters to everyone who wants a wok which is extremely comfortable to use and looks good too.  


✅ There are two wooden handles on both sides of the wok. On one side is a spool handle and on the other is a loop handle. This makes the wok extremely comfortable to use, eliminating the risk of burning the hands while moving it.  

✅ The wok is made of good quality carbon steel that ensures even heating of the wok.  

✅ The bottom is designed to fit in all kinds of stoves with ease. However, it is important to season it once before using it. 

9. RNY Hand Hammered Wrought Iron 12 inch Pow Wok 

Material High purity wrought Iron 
Handle Type Wooden Handles 
Coating Uncoated 
Dimensions 12 inches (30 cm) to 13 inches (34 cm).  
Additional Features Can be used for
commercial purposes also.  
Durable. It comes with a
solid wooden handle.  

The Hand Hammered Wrought Iron Pow Wok is one of the top of the line round bottom woks to use. The wok is slightly heavy but extremely durable. Since wrought iron is a strong alloy, there are no chances of the wok breaking in case it falls on the ground. Also, it prevents rusting better than an iron made wok.


✅ The wok comes with a solid wooden handle. It prevents any chances of burns and hence eases the cooking. You can toss and turn the food as required with smoothness.  

✅ Apart from just having the looks, this round surface wok ensures that the heat is distributed throughout the surface.  

✅ The wok is uncoated and pre-seasoned using rapeseed oil. Therefore, it is one of the best choices for Asian cooking which requires high temperatures. It just demands a bit of maintenance such as keeping it in a dry area to prevent rusting.  

10. Hand Hammered 13.4 inch Cast Iron Best Round Bottom Wok  

Material 100 % handmade cast iron.  
Handle Type Large handles on both sides.  
Coating Uncoated 
Dimensions 12.6 inches to 13.4 inches.  
Additional Features It comes with a non-stick surface.  
Apt for commercial use.   

✅ This Hand Hammered Cast Iron Wok has great depth.

✅ The walls of the wok are steep. Although the wok does not come pre-seasoned, after seasoning the food will glide through the steep walls and settle in the bottom.

✅ The high depth will ensure even heating and crisp cooking of the meal, hence this is the most useful round bottom wok for a beginner.

✅ Beginners who don’t know how to toss food in high heat and fast cooking, they can easily bring the ‘wok-hei’ flavor in their food with the help of this wok.


✅ The cast iron prevents the food from sticking hence making it apt for sautéing and stirring food evenly. Additionally, it does not even require a lot of heat for cooking since cast iron retains heat.  

✅ The wok comes with large double-sided handles which makes it easy to move and use. However, make sure to touch the handles using a grip else you will burn your hands.  

✅ Maintaining the wok is easy. It is just important to ensure that it is washed with hands and not put in a dishwasher. 

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