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What Size Wok Should You Buy? – Wok Size Guide

So, you’ve decided to get your very own wok. Perhaps, you’ve selected a myriad of recipes you would love to try with your family, best pals, or relatives and all ready to hit the local market or surf the Internet to purchase one.  

However, with so many brands and their exclusive models, choosing the right one is not a stroll in the park. You are required to factor-in several things to ensure a great buy. 

But the most crucial part of buying a wok is deciding the wok size. How big should your wok be then? To cook from your wok daily you need to ensure buying the right size. Here is a Wok Buying Guide by Wokware.

what size wok should i buy

Sizes of Wok: What is the best size for a wok? / How big should a wok be? 

The size of the wok greatly affects the number of servings you are preparing. For starters, if you have a family of four, a 12” – 14” wok will do just fine. Anything smaller than that would be the best option for two people.

Still, in case if you are using a 14” wok, there shall be plenty of leftovers on the table. For someone living on their own, an 8” wok would be adequate enough to help them sustain.

On the contrary, if you are planning to host a party outside your house, any wok within the size of 18” is large enough. Just bear in mind that using a large wok may not always fit on your regular stove burner

The depth of the wok is measured in quarts. Here is a clear understanding of wok sizes and depth.

Capacity Of a Wok ServingsRecommended Wok
5 quart2 – 3 servingsYousukata 11.8 inch Carbon Steel Wok
7 quart4 – 6 servingsHelen Chen 13 inch Carbon Steel Wok
8 quart7 – 8 servingsMammafong 14 inch Carbon Steel Wok
10 quart9 – 12 servingsCraft Wok 16 Inch Carbon Steel

What type of wok is good for health? / What is the safest wok to use? 

While buying a wok you must keep in mind that it is going to be on very high heat. Hence, the first thing to look at in a wok is its constituent material.

Materials like premium stainless steel, superior quality aluminum, cast iron, or carbon steel are the preferred choices in a healthy wok. Manufacturers are now offering woks pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil which are no doubt healthy.

Other than that, if you are buying a non-stick wok then make sure the non-stick properties are safe and properly disclosed on the label. Teflon coatings for example release toxic fume at temperatures above 500-degree F. Enameled cast iron coating is great and does not chip over time on high heat.  

Read our dedicated post on: Top 8 Non-Toxic and Healthy Woks

If you are making sure that the wok material is of high quality and the coating is safe then it is a healthy wok to go with.

What is the best wok to buy? / How do I choose a wok? 

The first thing you must keep in mind while buying a wok is your needs. How many servings do you want to cook in a wok, how often do you want to cook, or which stovetop you are going to use. 

14 inch is a standard size wok enough for 4 – 5 servings. Go for larger wok sizes like the 16 or 18 inch for bigger servings. 8 inches wide wok is enough for 1 – 2 people.  

If you are going to cook in a wok regularly, then you must buy an easy to clean, maintain, and durable wok. A stainless steel wok like the 13 inch Cooks Standard is the best choice to go for.

In case you want a wok for occasional stir-frying at home or extremely high heat cooking outdoor like on a burner then the hand-hammered carbon steel wok is the perfect fit.

This pre-seasoned flat bottom 14 inches carbon steel wok by Mammafong is a great choice if you want to have an authentic wok-cooked meal.

It has a long wooden handle that is absolutely perfect for tossing and fast cooking.

The Pow Wok is suitable for wok burners too. Read the top wok reviews of this year and find the best one according to your need.

Some Crucial Points To Keep in Mind Before Buying a Wok: 

Teflon-covered non-stick woks are affordable and found in pretty much every kitchen appliance store out there. So there are many brands and sizes to browse. The issue with Teflon woks is that they are not meant for high heat cooking, and even for the best non-stick wok brands, 500 degrees F is pushing the breaking point.

Teflon in such temperatures releases toxic fume. We additionally don’t suggest profound browning in a non-stick wok since oil build-up appears to stick on the non-stick surface through rehashed use, and we soon realize that tough cleaning chips the nonstick surface. So, non-stick woks may come cheap but are not suitable at all. 

What kind of wok do Chinese Chefs Use? 

Carbon Steel woks are by a long shot the most well-known woks and are only utilized in Chinese restaurants. Regardless of a wok with a solitary handle or a huge wok with a loop and a long handle, this type is by a wide margin the most liked.

Genuinely modest and lighter than cast iron, carbon steel woks season pleasantly after some time to make a non-stick surface. And that is why Chinese Chefs use and like them a lot to make the perfect stir-fry. If you want to buy an authentic hand-hammered carbon steel wok then read this top 5 review.

How expensive is a wok? 

Depending on the build quality a wok can go from $30 to up to $400.The Le Creuset Enameled Wok is the best cast iron wok on the market which costs below $300. We have a list of the 5 best cheap woks priced around $30. So, the price of the wok depends on the material and features, it is coming with.